Aero is a cutting edge air travel startup supported by Expa, the startup studio founded by Garrett Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon. The company recently announced that it has raised $16 million. It also announced the hiring of its first CEO.

What Aero offers is a new approach to luxury private jet travel, combining travelers who are headed for the same destination and putting them onto the same flight, lowering the cost of the journey. In this way, Aero is a sort of hybrid between private and commercial flying. The company claims that it provides private travel options at “less than the cost of commercial first class.”

Over the summer Aero ran test flights between Greece and Spain. TechCrunch reports that it will begin offering tickets to Mexico in November. The company sums up its mission thus:

“Our goal is to give travelers a new way to fly, and to make that experience fun again. Unlike commercial airlines, with Aero you’ll fly nonstop between private airports and avoid crowded terminals. You can enjoy all of the benefits of private air travel for not much more than a first-class flight. Founded by Garrett Camp, Aero is headquartered in San Francisco.”

Aero’s first CEO is Uma Subramanian. In a statement posted on Expa’s website, Subramanian wrote:

“Aero has an ambitious mission. But, I believe we have the incredible team and network needed to make it happen. We want to bring in a new golden age in air travel, where flying is much more than just a way to get from A to B. Air travel is a magical thing, and the experience of flying should reflect that. We’ll be creating a way to travel by plane that’s actually enjoyable — where people can travel to up-and-coming destinations, fly nonstop between private airports, and skip crowded terminals — all for not much more than the cost of a first-class seat.

We’re building Aero within the Expa startup studio, and we’ve been supported by Garrett, Roberto, Vitor, and others throughout our ideation, branding, and design process. They’ve already been an invaluable support for our entire team, acting as a key resource for talent and offering their guidance as we grow. Alongside Expa, we’ll also be supported by key advisors and executives from Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and more.”

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