As the coronavirus pandemic continues in various states of higher and lower infections around the world, a return to easy international travel seems – for the moment at least – still something in a far away future. Not to fear however! The digital realm has come in to its own over the past year, as more and more people have gravitated online for their entertainment content as opposed to more pandemically dangerous in real life activities. With that in mind we’re looking to YouTube for the best travel bloggers for you to follow whilst we wait for the vaccine to be rolled out! Prepare for the YouTube deepcut on the most out there and thrilling travel vlogs you can look for right now. 

  1. Expert Vagabond

56.7K subscribers

Expert Vagabond Matthew Karsten describes himself as ‘Adventure travel blogger & photographer. Traveling around the world for the past 10-years, hoping to inspire your next journey with entertaining stories, beautiful photography, fun travel videos, and budget travel tips.’ Karsten is a bold traveller in his video narratives, visiting far flung places like the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. His video stories are documents of beautiful stories lived out in front of the camera. 

  1. Fearless & Far

391K subscribers

For those looking for travel with a sense of danger look no further than Fearless & Far. The adventurer in charge of the account promises a wild ride for those happy to accompany him to ‘weird and wonderful destinations’. 

  1. Hopscotch the Globe

315K subscribers

Kristen and Siya are the pair of fun loving travellers in charge of the Hopscotch the Globe account. Since joining YouTube in 2010, the pair promise their viewers that their videos ‘will help you become a better traveler. From travel hacks to tips and advice to videos from our own adventures that will inspire you when planning your own trips.’

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