Singapore cruise linear company, Genting, has launched a series of ‘cruises to nowhere’ in light of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. In a move to combat the worldwide travel restrictions in place in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, leisurely travel has been prohibited in many places. Now, thanks to growing demand in the island nation, Genting will be offering trips around the city-state – with no ports of call. The tours will start this November, with the first departing on November 6th, and the company says it has been receiving ‘non-stop’ enquires since the move was launched. 

In an announcement on the Singapore Tourism Board website on the 8th of October, the government declared the ‘Safe and Gradual Resumption of Cruising’. Other measures, in addition to the no port of calls, include a reduction to 50% capacity to help with social distancing measures that will be implemented onboard, as well as being open only to Singaporean residents to avoid contamination with other bordering nations. The cruises starting in November are designated as pilot schemes to test and measure the continued safety of cruises for all the passengers and crew involved. Once assured the cruises do not contribute to the further spread of COVID-19, cruises will begin regular service in December 2020. 

Singapore is one of the first countries to require a cruisesafe certification. All passengers will be required to do a mandatory coronavirus test prior to boarding, as well as wear facemasks around the ship and maintain a safe distance of 1m to other passengers. In addition to the more standard protocols, passengers will be trained in emergency procedures related to COVID-19 and any virus outbreaks onboard. Unfortunately, the government’s SingapoResdiscovers vouchers of $100 SGD are set to receive in December 2020 will not be redeemable on the cruises. 

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