Dreaming of faraway places is an ongoing hobby for many to take our minds off the daily toil and trouble that can see you wishing each day away. Whether your googling flights or travel tips, planning your next trip can be the light of inspiration for many in their lives. Getting thoroughly organised before you go can have many additional benefits however. Being organised makes you feel confident – a must, especially for solo travellers! It also allows you to ‘hit the ground running’ as they say. By ensuring you’re prepared before you go, you’re much more able to enjoy yourself once there and you can feel sweet relief that you don’t need to stress over the next place of accommodation to book or excursion to look for.

What many travellers don’t realise also is that proper pre-trip preparation can also help to reduce waste in many cases. By bringing along your own reusable items such as a cutlery set or coffee mug, can seriously help to reduce the impact on the environment you make as you travel. Feel smug with your reusable water bottle as you pass by the bottled water aisle in the store and encourage the reduction of plastic waste everywhere with your consumer choices. 

Until then, we’ve compiled a list of the best travel accessories available on Etsy right now, with a special focus on those that can be customised or personalised for a special someone – that might even be yourself! 

  1. Personalised Notebooks – create a journal during your trip and give yourself a valuable record to look back on many years later
  2. Scratch the World Map – extend the thrill of discovering a new place and keep a visual reminder of your travels with this scratch off foil world map 
  3. Personalised Coffee Mug – help encourage environmental sustainability and keep fashionable with this sleek coffee mug embossed with your own name or motto
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