Good news for travel enthusiasts in Spain who are also holders of cryptocurrency: Destinia, one of the European country’s most popular online travel agencies, has announced that is now accepting payment via six different cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, the company will accept Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash, according to Decrypt.

All of the forgoing payment methods can be used to purchase plane and train tickets, hotel rooms and travel packages.

Cristina Verdi, charged with managing payments and treasury, explained the rationale behind the company’s decision to expand payment methods:

“Destinia’s philosophy is to open as many doors as we can, to have variety and payment possibilities to facilitate the traveler’s experience.”

She also spoke of a “new partner” that has helped facilitate the expansion:

“With our new partner, the user can use different wallets to finalize their purchase and also select whatever crypto they want. With this, we obtain a fast, simple and secure process, fundamental characteristics for the e-commerce user.”

While Verdi did not specify who this new partner is, some are speculating that it’s a startup from 2013 called Gocoin.

Destinia has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014. The company’s website states:

  1. All of Destinia’s online products may be purchased in bitcoins except for some hotels that only admit payment at reception and some flight where the airline only accepts credit card payments.
  2. It is a unique currency for any person worldwide. Instantaneous payments, simple and commission-free.
  3. The booking process is exactly the same to any other payment method. Quick and secure.
  4. Prices visible in mili-bitcoins (mBTC) to make it user-friendly.
  5. The Exchange rate used to show prices in Destinia is the Bitcoin Best Bid (BBB), normally the same as the one at
  6. The maximum amount allowed on Bitcoin transactions at Destinia will be the equivalent to € 2500.
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