If you’re traveling for Christmas there’s a good chance you’ll experience, or are experiencing, some anxiety about your trip, but don’t worry—artificial Christmas tree supplier Treetopia has you covered. As it did last year, the company has compiled data showing the best and worst airports and airlines based on percentage of flights delayed, percentage of flights canceled, and average delay time.

Per Treetopia’s research, the top ten airports in the US for Christmas travel are:

  1. Dayton International (DAY)
  2. Kona International (KOA)
  3. Lihue (LIH)
  4. Ted Stevens Anchorage International (ANC)
  5. Detroit Metropolitan (DTW)
  6. Washington Dulles International (IAD)
  7. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International (MSP)
  8. Long Beach (LGB)
  9. Gerald R. Ford International (GRR)
  10. Tuscon International (TUS)

As for airlines, here’s a list of nine of the most popular, from best to worst:

  1. Delta (33 percent of flights delayed)
  2. United (33 percent)
  3. Alaska Airlines (36 percent)
  4. Hawaiian Airlines (38 percent)
  5. Spirit (38 percent)
  6. American Airlines (40 percent)
  7. jetBlue (46 percent)
  8. Frontier Airlines (50 percent)
  9. Southwest (64 percent)

Treetopia also looked at the days on which you’re least likely to experience delays, and found that Christmas Day and Christmas Eve have the lowest percentages of delayed flights. The worst day is three days after Christmas (with 57 percent of flights delayed), followed by four days before Christmas (54 percent) and two days after Christmas (53 percent).

The company even analyzed data to determine the best and worst routes.

“Anyone flying from Las Vegas to Houston can rest easy, as less than 13% of flights along that route experienced delays,” Treetopia writes. “Even when they did the average delay time was just six minutes. Four other routes experienced less than 20% flight delays. This included both directions between Minneapolis and Detroit. These routes provided clear skies for passengers and flight operators alike.”

Visit their blog to see the full report.

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