About Octopus Travel

We’re a group of travelers, adventurers, philosophers, storytellers, journalists, and street food lovers. They say some people have a finger in every pie? Well, we’ve got eight fingers in thrice as many pies. 

Travelling around the world is what thrills us and is our absolute favourite thing to do so we want to share what we’ve learned to as many globetrotters as possible. 

We understand the excitement and nervousness about packing your suitcase to hit the road. Help is on the way! We only write about top travel tips and tricks that can help you anywhere in the world. From which vendors to eat in India, to the greenest mountain to hike in Ireland, to the quietest temple to contemplate in Japan, to Italy’s greatest restaurants off the beaten path, or the most secret hole in the wall cafes in Paris. We love living like locals to find you the best deal, the best trip, and the best experience. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by plane, bus, car, train, or bicycle. We’ve got you covered, we’ll tell you how to get to your far-flung destination or local road trip getaway. We write for travel photographers, editors, journalists, and freelance writers. At the same time, we write for family trips, friend trips, and solo trips. Don’t think we forgot about fully fledged travelers who have been around the world four times, or those who have yet to take their first step into the amazing experiences of seeing something totally foreign and new. 

To sum it up, anything about seeing the big, wide world… we’ll be writing about it. So buck up, we’ve got you covered. 

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