Restrictions of lockdown and social distancing put in place earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic are continuing to be eased across the country. With lockdown measures relaxing, Australians stuck in the country are beginning to consider their possibilities for their next holiday – and seeing a staycation as their best option. 

Travellers returning to Australia, even those of Australian citizenship, are currently asked (as of July 2020) to complete a 14 day self-quarantine in their first destination. Outbound travellers will likely be restricted in their choice of destination, as well as asked to complete a 14 day quarantine upon arrival and at their own cost. The prospect of an expensive and boring month long quarantine is definitely an unattractive one for most, and as a result Australians are expected to staycation in numbers this following year. 

Domestic holiday travel and dining for 20 to 50 people has been permitted in New South Wales and Victoria since June 1, with many hoteliers describing how it made it possible to open their restaurants also. The demand for rental of luxury accommodation is also expected to increase and the restrictions are further lifted and pent-up energy is searching for a release. 

Sean Hunt, area vice president, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific, Marriott International said of the situation: “As government restrictions eased, consumers started to see their way out of the current situation”. He also noted that “We are also seeing wedding enquiries and bookings pick up for 2021,” continuing the optimistic line of thought that life is slowly returning to a ‘new normal’. 

In Canberra, the government went as far as to encourage hotels to offer staycation packages for the summer weekend following the lifting of several lockdown instructions. Dr Vanessa Johnston advocated for the business with her statement: “‘Staycation’ packages are not prohibited and might provide relief and respite for people in crowded homes or who are worried about their mental health and wellbeing.”

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