Usually the domain of watery pirates of yester-year, the hunt for a box of treasure hidden in the Rocky Mountains has finally come to an end after a decade and its winner has been revealed. 

The Rocky Mountains which span the western region of North America have been the site for exploration from treasure hungry hunters since a chest containing a myriad of valuable objects was first hidden there in 2010. 

The treasure was first hidden by outdoors enthusiast Forrest Fenn back in the late 00s. Fenn, a well-known art dealer and combat pilot described his placement of the treasure in his collection of short stories about his life titled ‘The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir’. In the book, Fenn detailed an almost mythical sounding treasure chest full of valuable objects such as gold and jewels that he had hidden “in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe”. 

Fenn had decided against filing the chest with monetary items such as cash and chose long-lasting items of value such as gold nuggets, gemstones and rare coins instead since he was unsure when the chest would be found and what currency might still retain value at that time. 

As an art dealer Fenn ran the Arrowsmith-Fenn Gallery which later became Fenn Galleries with his wife Peggy for many years. The gallery, which sold a variety of types of art including Native American artifacts and sculptures as well as forged copies of some of art history’s greatest hits such as Monet and Degas is said to have had a turnover estimated at roughly $6 million USD a year. 

Fenn, who died on the 7th September 2020, and who had been a Major in the United States Air Force where he was awarded a Silver Star for his service in the Vietnam War, had been an outdoors enthusiast for all of his life. In his book he described the chest, which became known as the Fenn treasure, as being hidden amongst the beauty of nature, and laid out clues to its resting place through a cryptic poem. 

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